Fiction short/15min/ /2024 (in post-production)

"After a rave in the woods, Ben and Chris are drawn to the grounds of their old school. Triggered by the location, a casual journey back to the
beginnings of their relationship unfolds."

Aivalable via personal request 

Against All Odds

Fiction short/15min/ graduation film/2022

"In the constant interplay and power game of closeness and distance, a young boy tries to establish contact with his own father figure. A grueling confrontation that leaves not only
external traces." 

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At Long Last

Fiction short/12min/ 2020

"An aged artist revels in the ovations of the audience for one last time, culminating in a shower of confetti."

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Pulau Seribu 

Experimental short/17min/2019

"A childhood under the impression of an absence - a son begins to search for the imprint his father
left in the past and present."

Aivalable via personal request 


Fiction short/8min/2018

 "Matthäus lives isolated inside a little chapel in the midst of the city. In order to keep everyone outside he bricks the main entrance but must realize that little ants   invade his last refugium."

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